Space analysis

Existing tenancy

  • Reducing rental costs – is there an opportunity to rationalise space and offload spare space to a sub-tenant?
  • Identifying areas of redundant space and making better use of existing space – is there an opportunity to reconfigure workstations to maximize space?
  • Minimising churn costs – are the workspaces flexible to facilitate cost-effective team restructuring for growth or rationalization?

End of leases - relocation to new premises

  • Plan ahead of time before signing up for too much space by reviewing staff projections and space standards.
  • Build into the lease options to take additional space at a specific time; or register a first right of refusal on floors above or below the existing tenancy (ensures tenancy floors remain contiguous).
  • Represent client – coordinate site search with leasing agents to shortlist potential properties
  • Manage relationship with building landlord and confirm end of lease make-good requirements.
  • End of lease make good – ensure enough time has been allocated to complete the new tenancy and make good old premises prior to lease termination.

Project Management - Design

  • Co-ordinate selection of Architects and relevant consultants (Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic; QS; Audio Visual; IT).
  • Take brief from Client and IT to distribute to Architects/Consultants.
  • Manage Design process and cost plan reviews
  • Review IT requirements with Client and ensure IT have appropriate resources to meet timelines.
  • Identify areas where there can be improved workflow and synergies by reviewing adjacencies and proximities.
  • Assist with change management to introduce efficiencies and a flexible workplace.
  • Evaluate Security requirements and protocols
  • Present concepts and cost estimates to Executive/Management for approval. 
  • Tender co-ordination with Architect to select Contractors, associated sub-contractors and furniture suppliers.
  • Submit recommendation for approval to proceed


Project Management - Construction

  • Attend site meetings with Architects, Consultants, IT and Contractors.
  • Track progress against programmed timelines
  • Scrutinise variations and monitor costs.
  • Manage fitout budget and Contractual arrangements for payment of invoices.
  • Follow-up on defects post handover and ensure all outstanding items have been completed.

Relocation to new premises

  • Form brief for move tender  for issue to relocation specialists/removalists.
  • Present costs and recommendation to Client.
  • Co-ordinate move program with Client, IT and Contractors.
  • Meet with Client representatives from internal business groups to engage and inform them of the relocation process.
  • Organise seating plans with Client representatives.
  • Supervise relocation.
  • Provide post-move evaluation.

Facilities Management

  • Recommend ongoing staff structure to manage tenancy
  • Interview additional or new staff (if new staff are required).